Company Philosophy

We show solutions: To our customers and business partners, Hagstotz ITM is an innovative, highly qualified and reliable partner and service provider. It’s Hagstotz ITM’s objective to support its customers with solution-oriented consulting and implementation. This way our customers can focus on what they do best - their core business.

Customers and business partners

We align our actions to meet the needs of our customers and business partners. We will enrich the customer experience through our external point of view and our knowledge of the market.


Our employees are an important factor for the success of Hagstotz ITM. Their commitment and their qualifications will be further promoted. The corporate activities of all our employees increase our corporate value and will ensure sustainable market success.


We plan and act internationally. For example, we are investing in contacts and networks in international growth markets.

Research and Development

In our research and development we focus on innovative solutions for more efficiency and more success.

Quality Assurance

Hagstotz ITM is a cooperative member of the “Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher” (BVM, Professional Association of German Market and Social researchers) and supports the initiative “Markt- und Sozialforschung e.V.” (association for market and social research). We work in accordance with the provisions of the " EU Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)" (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) and the “Bundesdatenschutzgesetztes” (Federal Data Protection Act BDSG-Neu) and in strict compliance with the guidelines of the market research associations BVM, ADM and ESOMAR.